Origins & History

Bricco Osteria is a name that combines Italian tradition and culinary passion. “Bricco” is an Italian word that refers to the highest point of a vineyard where the best grapes are grown. It symbolizes the pinnacle of quality, the zenith of a carefully curated process. “Osteria,” in contrast, traditionally represented simple and inexpensive Italian restaurants serving local wines. These were places where community and conversation were as essential as the food and wine itself.

Bricco Osteria was born in the quaint, vineyard-rich town of Calistoga, nestled in the heart of California’s picturesque Napa Valley. Established in 2023, our restaurant seamlessly blends old-world Italian traditions with the new-world charm of Northern California.

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Our Goal

Our goal is not only to serve remarkable food and wine, but also to cultivate an experience steeped in Italian tradition. From the moment our guests step through our doors, we aim to transport them to a rustic Italian Osteria, where the cuisine, ambience, and hospitality echo the warmth and generosity of Italy. At Bricco Osteria, we celebrate the marriage of world-class local ingredients with age-old Italian recipes. Our ambition is to instill a deep appreciation for Italian culinary tradition, a respect for the land that offers us its bounty, and a love for the vibrant community we serve.

In essence, Bricco Osteria is more than a restaurant. It’s a place where good food, fine wine, and friendly company illuminate the simple joys of Italian hospitality. We’re not just serving meals—we’re creating memories, fostering community, and sharing the very best of Italian culture right here in Calistoga. Come join us and experience the finest that Italy and California have to offer, right at your table. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring authentic Italian cuisine to the Napa Valley, utilizing the abundant local produce and pairing it with the finest wines from both Italy and the surrounding vineyards of California. We are committed to providing an exquisite dining experience, where each dish is a harmonious blend of fresh ingredients and traditional Italian flavors, served in a warm, inviting setting that encourages fellowship and conversation.

Our Vision

Our vision for Bricco Osteria extends beyond the confines of our dining room. We aspire to be a cornerstone of the Calistoga community, a place where locals and visitors alike can gather to enjoy a slice of Italy in the heart of California wine country.

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We are committed to offering fresh ingredients coupled with the most authentic Italian foods and wines available.

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