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Bricco osteria

Our passion lies in providing you with an authentic Italian culinary journey, accentuated by the freshest ingredients and distinguished regional wines.

Calistoga's Culinary Symphony;

Uniting Napa Valley Nuances with Time-Honored Italian Traditions

Delicious Food

Organic Ingredients

Fresh Food

Healthy Menu

Unique Coktails

Harvest-Fresh Elegance

Calistoga's Twist on Rustic Italian Cuisine

We are passionately dedicated to procuring the freshest ingredients, which form the bedrock of our authentic Italian culinary offerings. We cultivate strong, enriching relationships with local farmers, markets, and suppliers in the heart of Calistoga, Napa Valley. These connections enable us to source only the highest quality products, enhancing the natural flavors that permeate our menu.

Experience for 20+ years.

Our carefully curated selection of Italian foods and wines, the finest available in the region, serves to amplify the authenticity of our dishes. Infusing this rustic Italian cuisine with a touch of Calistoga’s unique Napa Valley charm, we reinterpret traditional recipes in a fresh and exciting manner, creating a gastronomic experience that bridges old-world charm and contemporary sophistication.



in the heart of Calistoga, Napa Valley

Embrace the zenith of Italian dining at our establishment, tucked away in the heart of Calistoga, Napa Valley. Experience a warm welcome and an ambiance that sets the tone for an unforgettable Italian gastronomic journey.

Our gifted chefs craft each dish from the freshest local ingredients, transporting your palate to the heart of Italy. Whether it’s a romantic meal or a lively gathering, our dedicated staff caters to every need. Enhance your meal with a fine wine from our vast Napa Valley selection. Plunge into the depth of Italian hospitality with us for a unique culinary exploration. Reserve your experience today.

Top Italian eateries in Calistoga

Our menu pairs perfectly with wine for a flavorful experience best shared with friends and loved ones.

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We provide a full line of services to meet all of your lunch or dinner. 

Catering Italian Restaurant

Catering in Calistoga

Elevate your dining experience with our organic, delicious, farm-to-table catering services. Weddings, events, homes, or businesses—we’ve got you covered.
Private Dining Italian Restaurant

Private Dining

Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a gathering of close friends, our private dining services offer a personalized touch that guarantees an unforgettable occasion.

Top Italian eateries in Calistoga

Our menu pairs perfectly with wine for a flavorful experience best shared with friends and loved ones.

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We are committed to offering fresh ingredients coupled with the most authentic Italian foods and wines available.

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